What is your occupancy?


We have opened our preschool at 50% licensed capacity in order to be able to appropriately social distance.  This means that the main classroom has a maximum capacity of 11 and our smaller classroom a maximum capacity of 6.

What are your ratios?


We have 2 teachers per classroom.  Our teacher: child ratio in our main classroom is 2:11. In our smaller classroom 2:6.


How do children arrive in the morning?


Children are picked up from their vehicle by a teacher.


With all of the new policies and procedures due to COVID-19, are you raising tuition rates?


We are not raising tuition rates at this time.  Click here for tuition rates.


How are children picked up after class?


The children are picked up at the playground.  The teacher walks the child to meet their parent outside of the playground.  During inclement weather, a teacher will walk children out to the car from the classroom.


Do staff get health screenings daily?


Staff fill out a questionnaire and get their temperature taken upon arrival daily.  Click to see daily staff health screening.


Do children get health screenings daily?


Parents perform a health screening at home before coming to school and children have their temperature taken by a staff member upon arrival to school.  Click to see daily child health screening for parents.


What cleaning procedures are used in the classroom?

Microbe Free WI - on August 7, 2020, Microbe Free WI came to preschool and disinfected, sanitized and then protected all of the areas that the preschoolers use.  This included all indoor spaces as well as the pavilion and the playground.   This means that all areas are now protected from microbes (bacteria nd viruses - including COVID-19) for at least the next year.  

To find out more about this process check out their overview manual or watch their Youtube video  



Tables and chairs are cleaned before and after use with soap and water then a ¼ c bleach to 1 gallon of water mixture that is made daily. 


Toys/Classroom Materials

A minimum number of toys and reusable classroom materials are available for use daily.  After class, all toys and reusable classroom materials are disinfected daily with a 3M Quat solution.



The playground is disinfected between uses with a 3M Quat solution



The bathroom is cleaned after each use with a ¼ c bleach to 1 gallon of water mixture that is made daily.



The classroom is professionally cleaned daily by the church custodian.


Are masks worn by staff or children?


Masks are worn by staff when performing temperature checks on children upon arrival and while indoors.  Masks at other times are optional for both staff and children.

Is hand sanitizer used?


We use an 80% alcohol hand sanitizer after washing hands with soap and water.  It is also used when hand washing is not possible, e.g. outside.


How often is hand washing done?

Kids and staff wash their hands upon arrival to school, before and after snack, after using the restroom, and other times as needed throughout the day.  After hand washing, a teacher will then assist them in using hand sanitizer.

How do you handle Social Distancing?

  • Children are picked up at their vehicles as to allow a staggered entrance into the classroom.

  • Children are assigned spots for circle time and table time that are at least 6 feet apart.

  • Children are taught to social distance by putting their arms out to the side and making sure they cannot touch another person.

Who else is allowed in the classroom?


Only teachers and children are regularly allowed in the classroom.  Anyone else, must remove their shoes and undergo a Health Screening before entering the classroom when children are present.

Are shoes allowed in the classroom?


Shoes are removed before entering the classroom.

How long do you spend outside?


We spend as much time as possible outside.  Snacks, Bible story, projects and playtime all take place outside as weather allows.  There are covered areas outside to use during rain.  If inclement weather occurs, we will stay indoors.

Can children bring personal items to school?

All personal items are left in a basket in the entrance of the school.  Each child has their own basket which is disinfected daily.