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How are we Unique?

How are We Unique?


  • Christian program where ALL are welcome!  We want the children to know that God made everything and everyone, Jesus loves them more than they can even imagine, and church is a very good place to be.  Our program has students from many different churches in the area as well as families who do not have a church home.  Also, our church members get 20% off their tuition.


  • We never require potty training for ANY of our programs.  We also have a kid-sized toilet in our classroom bathroom to help kids learn how to use the potty.


  • We have 22 acres of property on our grounds.  We have a fenced-in area for a playground, but we also hike and explore the rest of the property.  We have found all kinds of animal prints, done garbage pick-up hikes for Earth Day, planted flowers, and gone sledding.  The kids go outside every single day if the temperature and wind chill are above 10 degrees, and it is not raining.  

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